11+ famous Udemy instructors

In this post I have collected more than 11 famous Udemy instructors who have added their course on udemy.com for your well-being!

1. Success / Personal Development / Psychology
2. Relationships / Flirt / Seduction
3. Career / Business / Lifestyle-Business
4. Wealth / Money / Selling
5. Fitness / Health / Nutrition
6. Happiness / Spirituality / Purpose

if you click on one of these areas of life, you’ll be directed to the lists of famous Udemy instructors of this particular area of life.

IMPORTANT: Please ignore the sequence of the listed instructors. All add value to the world and the ranking has no meaning whatsover. Because all want to do good to you!

So here they are:


Success / Personal Development / Psychology

1. Jimmy Naraine: Double Your Confidence & Self Esteem
2. Aljoscha Laschgari: Verändere Dich und damit die Welt  (ok, NOT famous yet :-))


Relationships / Flirt / Seduction

No famous instructors found… maybe you?!


Career / Business / Lifestyle-Business

1. Seth Godin: Freelancer Course
2. Guy Kawasaki: The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship
3. Gary Vaynerchuk: Building a Personal Brand
4. Alun Hill: How I Make $30,000 A Month From Udemy
5. Jerry Banfield: The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course
6. Phil Ebiner: Teach Online Courses – How I Make $100,000+ Per Year on Udemy
7. Phil Libin (Gründer von Evernote): Become a Startup Founder


Wealth / Money / Selling

No famous instructors found… maybe you?!


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

No famous instructors found… maybe you?!


Happiness / Spirituality / Purpose

1. Thich Nhat Hanh: Body and mind are one
2. Eckhart Tolle: Finding Your Life’s Purpose
3. Pema Chödrön: The Freedom to Choose Something Different


NOTE: Often there are more than one Udemy course of each of the listed instructor. So make sure to take a second look and check out all the other courses they offer. Note also that all links are affiliate links and that you support the continuation of this website, if you buy the courses listed!

If you know any additional famous Udemy instructor, please let me know via the comment section! Thank you!