How to find work you like

how to find work you like

Our work makes up a large part of our day.

Some work 8, 10 hours a day, some even more than 12. Others only work half the day, but then still have a lot to do at home. Run the household, take care of children if necessary, do the shopping.

Our life consists of work almost around the clock. We just can’t get around it. And even once we’ve managed not to have to work anymore, we still have to work. In our figure, in our appearance, in our health. Work is an essential part of every human life and it is definitely worth taking a closer look at. What work actually is and how I as an individual can ensure that I enjoy work. In a previous article, I described how work is love made visible.

Think about it: when you take care of yourself and your body, you put in the work to look good. You give yourself and your body love and others also see this love because you look really great. The more work and dedication we put into something, the greater the love that comes from it.

For example, just think of a bride who spends several hours in front of the mirror, styling herself, having her hair put together in a gorgeous way, only to look fabulous for her groom. Or a young entrepreneur who puts a lot of work and sweat into his start-up in order not only to later earn really good money, but also to provide society with a useful service. The goal of work is to do something good for yourself or other people.

Or to increase love. And what I’ve found in my research so far is that the people who are the most successful – not just financially, but socially – are the people who work the most and love their work. I’ve also noticed that they still, just like everyone else, see work as hard work, but with one big difference from the rest of the population: they are inspired by their work and excited about what their work will bring them.

And I know that about myself only too well. For years I’ve worked jobs where the only thing I really looked forward to was the money at the end of the month. And when I started building this blog, I realized that work can feel very different! Other than nauseous and something I absolutely don’t feel like doing. I found that the big goal I had set made me feel really good because I knew what a positive impact my page could have on others. And this great feeling told me in no uncertain terms that I was on the right path.

A feeling that let me know that I’m doing something that suits me. And I am 100% sure that there is something out there for you as well that makes you feel like I felt. A feeling that shows you the way to the work that is made for you. Because I am firmly convinced that every person is predestined for a certain job. The problem is that most never bother to discover this work in their lifetime.

But if you also believe that there is something out there for you that is absolutely perfect for you and makes you feel incredibly good when you do it, then try the following: Imagine that it is in life there are absolutely no limits and paint a picture in your head of giving love to other people.

How would you give this love? What would you do? What would you do to make other people feel better about your work? would you do theatre? write a poem? Start a business? Or would you even prefer to dance on a dance pole? Believe me! It doesn’t really matter what it is! If it makes you happy, then do it! Do it because it’s your thing! Do it because there may be no one else who enjoys doing it! Because that is your job! This is your fulfillment! This is the best way to express yourself and your personality!

You are just made for it! And I am very excited to see what will change in your life if you do exactly what gives you the most joy from now on!